Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chapter 17- Physical Comparisons

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Song: "What You Thought You Need" by Jack Johnson

My head was pounding as I made the drive over to Geno's house. It was as if my mind was physically protesting what I was about to do, something that I loathed to do- apologize. This time though it mattered. I had to explain my actions to him and pray that he was considerate enough to listen to me and accept the apology.

I still had no idea what I wanted to say but as I slowly approached his house, I knew that it didn't matter. All that did matter was finding a way to get inside and or not having the door slammed in my face.

After all, he had a right to slam the door in my face and not want to speak to me. During the 20 minutes that it took me to drive to his neighborhood, I spent the time strategizing what I was going to say. I couldn't go there without something to say and I figured that I should probably start with an apology. After that, I hoped that he would just accept it at that and we could move past this morning's blunder.

I pulled into the long driveway and noted that there were lights on in the house. That was good, hopefully it meant that he was home alone so I didn't have to make an even bigger fool out of myself.

Taking a deep breath, I rang the doorbell, stepped back and waited for him to answer. The sound of heavy footsteps approaching the door sucked the breath out of me as my nerves reacted. He opened the door letting the warm heat from the hallway spill out onto the cold stoop. Dressed in only sweatpants and a t-shirt, he looked tired and his eyes hardened as they focused in on me nervously standing before him. I almost believed that he was going to shut the door in my face but instead he surprised me by jerking his shoulder and motioning for me to come inside.

Neither of us made a move as we stood awkwardly in the foyer- him staring directly at me and me trying to look at anything but him. I pulled my hoodie tighter around my body and shivered from the sudden change in temperatures.

"So I came-" I started to speak but he cut me off by walking away from me and into the kitchen where we had been a mere 48 hours prior. I watched him walk away and tried not to get too steamed up about it. We needed to talk and it wouldn't do us any good if I was pissed off and he refused to listen. We were supposed to be adults.

I followed him into the kitchen and pulled him away from where he was now standing in front of the refrigerator. I pulled the beer he had grabbed out of his hand and put it back before tugging him away from the open door.

"Don't act like that" I told him as I pulled him behind me into the living room. He didn't try to fight me as his hand gripped mine and let me lead him to the sofa. His thigh pressed against mine making me uncomfortable and shiver at the same time. You would think for someone who was supposedly angry, he would want to put some distance between us.

Instead it felt like he was touching me just to get a rise out of me because he knew it would make me uncomfortable. Well, it was working. But worse- it made me feel like an even bigger bitch because he was acting like I was one too.

"We need to talk" I began after clearing my throat. I felt like I had a huge lump in my throat that no amount of fighting was going to clear out of the way. He arched a thick eyebrow at me and I noticed for the first time that he had a scar running through it that divided where the hair was growing. How had I missed that?

"I acted poorly this morning and I feel like there's been a big miscommunication between us because of it." I waited a beat hoping he would take that as his cue to chime in. Usually he had no problem pointing out when I did something stupid or wrong. He looked at me expectantly and I realized that he wasn't going to say anything- no matter how many pauses I inserted into my speech.

"I wanted to apologize for leaving you this morning. I acted really stupidly and you didn't deserve that." I finished and this time had no choice but to wait for him to say something back. If he didn't say something soon, I didn't know what I would do. Leave?

"Why?" he asked suddenly, his eyes zeroing in on mine. Any time that he looked at me like that, so deep and so intense, I felt like squirming automatically. There was something in that intense gaze that made me shaky. It was like he knew more about me than I did about myself.

"Why, what?" Did he really want me to hash out a long explanation of how utterly fucked up I am? Trying to explain to him why I left this morning was going to turn into a conversation about my relationship with Peter and how it's left me temporarily insane. At least I hoped that the bout of insanity I had been experiencing these past couple of months was only for a short period in my life.

"No," he said shaking his head in frustration. "Why did you come and say sorry?"

Uhh, what? He stumped me and he knew it as he watched me with the same serious expression on his face as he had on before. Only this time, I could detect the smugness in his eyes. He was purposely trying to catch me in my own trap to prove a point.

"I said sorry because I should say it." Why else did one say sorry except to make amends for something they had done? He gave me an exasperated look and rolled his eyes moving to get up from the couch.

"Where are you going?" How were we supposed to hash things out if he was just going to walk away? "We're not done talking!" I exclaimed feeling a little bit of desperation edge its way into my voice.

"I can't talk to you, make you understand" he said not even looking at me as he walked back into the kitchen. He shook his head and ran a hand through its shaggy length as he swaggered into the kitchen, leaving me stunned and agitated on the couch.

I followed him and tried not to be angry as I stared at his back. Sure, I had absolutely no excuse for walking out on him this morning. I understood that now and I was willing to apologize for it. But for him to treat me like my apology was anything less than sincere was just rude. And the bastard deserved to be called out on it.

"Will you stop that?" I told him watching him pull out the beer I had previously made him put down. "I apologized, I don't know what you want from me." I wanted him to put that damn beer down and actually look at me. Not with one of his knowing stares or a glare- but with the way he usually looked at me. I didn't know if I could accurately describe exactly what the look was but it was a hell of a lot better than him not looking at me at all.

"I want to know why you said sorry" he asked me again. He took a sip from the beer bottle and I stared at his Adam's apple as it bobbed up and down. Ironically enough, a hickey that I had apparently given him the night before bounced up and down with each gulp like a yo-yo reminder.

"I said I'm sorry because I meant it and I owed you an apology. Now I'm not so sure you deserve one."

He snorted and rolled his eyes taking another drink. "Stop doing that" he stated putting the beer down on the counter and leaning back casually.

"Doing what?" I asked watching him cross his long muscular arms across his chest.

"Getting bitchy. Being mad at me for no reason." He shrugged.

"I'm not mad at you for no reason, asshole. I just get angry when someone assumes that my apology isn't sincere." I unconsciously took a step back, suddenly needing to put space between us. Maybe my chest would stop caving in if he wasn't in close proximity.

"You're doing it again" he stated with a now obvious smugness apparent on his face. "If anyone should be mad, its me" he said pushing himself off of the counter and advancing towards me. "You left and now you mad at me" another step.

I tried to cut him off- after all, it hadn't happened exactly like that per se, but he cut me off again by taking another step towards me and forcing me to move back. "You see why I'm confused?" he reached out and grabbed me before I could stumble backwards onto my ass from taking too many steps back.

The indescribable look was back on his face as he pulled me close and stared down at me. He pulled me so that we were chest to chest and tilted my face back so that I was forced to look him in the eyes. "Do you mean it?"

I knew that he was talking about my apology and I nodded partly desperate to be freed so that I could take a deep breath of air. It was hard to breathe when he was that close and I knew what he was trying to do at this point. He wanted to physically intimidate me because he knew that it would be a form of punishment. While that wasn't fair to me, at the same time, it was also working. It did hurt to be this close to him but know that he was this angry at me.

"Good" he said tightening his grip and pulling me back to him. His mouth found mine and he pushed the hair back from my face as I responded. It wasn't an overly aggressive kiss but it was with just enough authority to remind me that he hadn't completely forgiven me. The kiss turned soft and he chewed nimbly on my lower lip.

"Did he kiss you like this?" he asked making me go numb and tingly from all of the attention he was lavishing on my mouth. My brain cleared just enough to register what he had asked but he cut me off again. "Did he know to touch here?" His magically clumsy hands brushed down over my sides and kneaded into my lower back omitting all sorts of wonderful sensations.

Despite my best efforts, I heard myself groan and arch into his touch. It felt so damn good to be touched there, anywhere, just as long as his hands kept doing that.

Within minutes we were both pulling off clothing from each other's bodies and moving to find any surface to balance on.

"The floor" I mumbled trying to break my mouth apart to speak. I was consumed with an overwhelming need to be as close to him as possible and just wanted the closest sturdy surface to rest on. He shook his head and nipped none too gently on my neck.

"Too hard" he mumbled hitching me up around his waist. I took his cue and wrapped my legs tightly around his midsection above his erection. "Upstairs" he groaned, shivering from the feeling of my nails scraping through the hair on the back of his head.

He backed us out of the kitchen and carried us up the long flight of stairs to the master bedroom. Once we were standing in front of the large bed, I shifted and threw my weight forward hoping to catch him off-balance. Sure enough, he fell backward landing on the bed and carrying me with him. The movement also jostled us so that I was balanced over his lap and in a better position to take advantage of him and his body.

Our tongues dueled for control as he finished removing scraps of clothing from my body. Giving him another lingering kiss, I reached down and released his dick from his sweatpants. It rubbed insistently against my clit and he groaned again once he felt the physical evidence of how ready I was for him.

"Did you feel like this for him?" he asked breaking away and placing his large, callused hands over my breasts. He palmed my nipples and tortured me by not taking action. Carefully he angled my hips and pushed into me with ease. Our bodies slicked together like we had met a thousand times before and I relished in the feeling of our chests brushing against each other in an erotic rhythm.

"Did you?" he asked again slowing his movements and waiting for me to answer. I was so consumed in my own brand of lust that I blindly shook my head no and reached to pull him closer to me. I raised my hips on my own sheathing his dick back inside my body and attempted to take back control. He didn't let me and patiently kissed along my collarbone as I huffed in frustration.

"Let go" he said forcing me to look him in the eyes. I didn't know what he meant and stared at him blankly wondering why he was being such a buzzkill during this incredibly hot bout of sex. "Let me take care of you" he said. I got the feeling that he was being his usual cryptic self and relented out of my own personal desire to finally find relief.

Without missing a  beat, he quickly changed positions so that he was raised above me on the bed. Bending my knees into a more comfortable position, he began to set the pace and re-inforce all of my previous knowledge about him in bed.

Even though this was only our second time together, it seemed like he knew each and ever crevice of my body as if it was a machine and he was the mechanic. Some guys, Peter included were too rough in where they touched you. Pulling and grabbing could be hot sometimes but only if both parties were feeling it. Instead Geno seemed to match me pace for pace and we were both on exactly the same page as our bodies moved relentlessly together.

I was close and finished on a burst of pleasure and long-lasting relief as the post-climax adrenaline pumped through my bloodstream. Omitting a feral cry, he finished next, careful not to squish me as he relaxed into the mattress. I was surprised when he pulled me close again and grabbed my face in a hot, sweaty kiss. The kiss itself held the promise of a second round and I had to break away just to breathe for a minute and collect the bits and pieces of my brain that had exploded all over the place.

After both of our heart rates returned to normal, I shifted my legs so that he could pull the covers up over both of us. Even though evening was rapidly approaching, we were both tired and bordering on sleepy after the afternoon's emotionally draining experience. There had been so much pain and pleasure wrapped into one day that I needed a mental break and a time to re-charge before Geno and I inevitably needed to talk and figure things out again.

"Are you done?" he asked once we were snuggled up in his bed. His arm was thrown protectively over my side as he spooned me and I didn't miss the territorial gleam in his eyes or in his question.

"Done with what?"

"Running" he smirked turning my body partially to face him. I felt like teasing him and saying "no" just to be  a jerk and see how he reacted. I felt like this was a monumental moment to say something but instead I drew a blank. This would have been my opportunity to say "no" once and for all and mean it. This was my chance to walk away and chalk up the last 48 hours as a fluke and a quickie relationship. Instead I nodded and allowed myself the comfort of resting my face in the curve of his neck. He smelled like sweat and the faint scent from the cologne he had applied in the morning. This combination comforted me and made me feel even more tired in my relaxation.

I didn't want to go to sleep but it quickly took me before I could analyze another bit of information about him. Before I blacked out, I silently thanked Vero for making me come over to his house and talking to him.


  1. AHHH Tillie I loveloveloved it! That Ava went over to Geno's to apologize--something she hates so much--just shows us that she's really crazy about Geno. I mean, when someone does something they don't want to do, but they do it for someone else... that says a lot.

    And I love how Geno never makes anything easy on Ava either. He makes her earn it, which makes me giggle. When their tempers flare, things get so hot. How he kept asking her if Peter did those things for her... uuuugh, so hot I thought I was gonna die. But the ending topped it all off, when he asked if she done running. Ava's fallen so hard for him already. I want to thank Vero, too, for making Ava apologize. :) Thank you for sacrificing sleep to post this for us!

  2. Well that was kind of amazing...

    He's so adorable. All he wants to do is take care of her. I wish should would just let him. Maybe she will now...

    I love your stories so much!!!!

  3. I'm finally all caught up!!! And after a very crazy weekend, I'm gonna make my comment right to the point.

    I never really saw Geno the way other girls do, I only saw him as an amazing hockey player, so not attractive. but because of this story, I totally want to tap that now. Multiple times.

  4. Love this story! He's amazing here.

  5. This is my favorite story and you are incredibly talented!! In my humble opinion........

  6. That was hot and I have to echo Jay here: when Geno asked if Peter made her feel like that, it was just mindnumbingly hot. I'm so glad there's more to read :)