Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chapter 18- Changing Directions

Thank you for the comments and support ladies! This is pure fluff btw.

Song: Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson

This time when I woke up, I was the one left alone in bed. I would have been worried except that I could hear movement downstairs in the kitchen with the sound of dishes on the counter. I smiled when I saw that my clothes had been folded and were sitting on the dresser next to the bed. It was getting late in the day and I was seeing a side of Geno's house that I had never been in before. Considering we had been a little busy the first time I entered his bedroom, I took a moment to look around at my new surroundings.

I was distracted by a picture of him with his parents and brother when I heard another clashing noise downstairs that worried me. It sounded like he was making something to eat but I wasn't even sure that he knew how to cook. Pulling back on my pants and t-shirt, I decided to forgo my bra and check up on him before something or someone got burnt.

"Geno?" I called out checking various rooms downstairs for any sign of him.

"In here" he answered from the kitchen. Something smelled like it was burning but something else smelled really good.

"What are you doing?" I asked watching him stir a lumpy, white substance in a pan. Smoke was gently drifting out of another pot sitting in the sink. He said something first in Russian probably out of instinct then smiled sheepishly at me.

"I don't know what you call it in English. In Russian, is Kasha."

"Kasha" I said testing the foreign word on my tongue. "It smells good" I said leaning over to look into the pot.

I felt his lips along the back of my neck gently kissing around my exposed skin as his hands kneaded my hips. Careful to avoid the hot stove behind me, I turned in his arms to meet his lips and say hello.

"Hi" I smiled smoothing his shirt down over his shoulders. He grinned back at me and teasingly pinched my nose between his fingers.

"You took long nap. I got hungry."

"How long was I out?" I asked feeling slightly embarrassed. Wasn't the guy the one who is supposed to pass out post-coitus? I really hoped that I hadn't been snoring or doing anything else unappealing.

"2 hours?" he guessed leaning around me to turn the burner down. "Hungry?" he asked again smoothing his hands up my back beneath my shirt. His smile widened when he discovered that I wasn't wearing my bra.

"Later" I teased pulling his hands away from my now tingling skin. "I'm hungry."

He gave an exaggerated sigh and dropped his hands making me laugh. If it weren't for the fact that my stomach was now growling, I would be more than ready for round two. He looked delicious in his simple gym shorts and fitted tee. Realizing that I probably looked hideous, I tried to re-do my hair up into a neater ponytail while he was turned around and scooping the Kasha into bowls.

"Is what we eat for breakfast in Russia" Geno told me pouring cream and a berry mixture on top and setting it in front of me. "Kasha is the only thing I can make without killing you" he added explaining why he had made a breakfast food when it was well after dinnertime.

"It looks really good" I said eyeing the bowl he handed me. It was true because whatever the lumpy white stuff was, it smelled delicious. Plus, it was kind of cute that he took the time to feed me and make me something that he ate back in Russia.

We sat in the living room and I let him watch SportsCenter when he agreed that I could have control of the trigger later. I now worked in sports so I was reluctant to spend my free time watching about sports. I didn't know how guys like Geno and Sidney watched it all of the time.

"So did your Mom used to make this for you?" I asked mixing the berries into the Kasha. He nodded keeping one eye trained on the TV.

Since it was obvious that he was already in ESPN-land, I decided to try what he prepared and took a bite. The best way to describe it was that it tasted like a Russian version of oatmeal. This was better than normal oatmeal though and I took another bite enjoying the combination of salty and sweet from the milk and berries.

"It's really good" I confirmed. When I looked over, I noticed that his bowl was almost gone.

"Good, you want more?" He got up and took his dish with him so that he could get seconds.

"No, I'm good" I told him, thoroughly enjoying this domestic side of him. It had been a long time since I had had anyone there to make me something to eat like this and I wanted to make this moment last.

Afterwards, we laid cuddled on the couch watching my choice in TV show: "Cake Boss." I loved any TV shows that revolved around cake building and Geno didn't seem to mind that I had hijacked the remote. Since it had been awhile since he last said anything, I turned my attention to him and realized that he was sound asleep beneath me. I had been so absorbed in my show that I hadn't noticed his body going slack with sleep beneath mine on the couch.

Now as I looked down at him, I took the opportunity to think about everything that had happened today. He had been so gentle and patient with me while subtly pushing me to where he and I both wanted to be: in bed. Of course, I couldn't forget what he had told me either.

"Let me take care of you." I pushed back a lock of hair on his forehead and thought about his words. Slowly, I realized that lately I had been letting him take care of me. Albeit reluctantly, but still. He seemed to always be there, pushing and coercing me into some indescribable corner that only he could put a label on. This afternoon had been proof that I was finally letting him.

I couldn't forget the little competition he had been in either with Peter. Though he never said his name, I couldn't forget the mentioning of the "him" that had crossed his lips or the actions that had resulted because of it. I certainly wasn't complaining. Later, I would have to have a little chat with Max about it seeing that he was the only person on the team that I had really talked to about Peter. Vero and some of the girls knew but I doubted that they would say anything to Geno about it- female solidarity prevented things like that. Besides, Vero knew me well enough by now to realize that I would kick her ass- Max wasn't quite as smart.

"You fell asleep" I smiled down at Geno when his eyes began to open and focus intently on my own.

"Sorry" he grinned slowly, his voice sounding impossibly deep from sleep. "You're like blanket" he mumbled, "only, more fleshy."  His hands roamed down to playfully squeeze my ass and he laughed at the shocked look on my face.

"Gee, thanks" I snorted, letting him think that I was annoyed. "You know how to flatter a girl, Geno."

"No, is good. Healthy" he added leaning up to kiss the spot right below my chin.

"Better than Oksana?" I asked wanting to get a reaction from him. I still thought that it was wrong for him not to have told me about her but we had obviously moved past that argument. Still, it was fun to get back at him for his "fleshy" comment.

Just like I wanted, he winced and held his hands out as if to say, "I surrender." I burst out laughing at the expression on his face and pretty soon we were both laughing like loons on the couch for no reason.

"I should get going" I told him, not moving to actually get off of him or the couch. It was past 10 and it would be easier to get going the next morning if I woke up in my own apartment.

"Stay" he told me, not really asking but commanding. It was tempting but I would regret the action if I had to rush around in the morning. I had an early meeting with the rest of the PR staff in the morning and I couldn't show up in the clothes that I was wearing now.

"I want to" I told him honestly, trying to ignore his big, convincing lips by my ear. "But I would have to get up so early in the morning to get to my meeting on time."

"What meeting?" he breathed into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"Some PR stuff" I replied. My own voice was embarrassingly out of breath and I knew that I had to utilize all of my willpower to resist what he was silently offering me.

Reluctantly, we detangled and he helped me get up from the couch. Locating my purse in his kitchen, I slipped on my shoes and turned expecting to thank him for not boosting me out on my ass like I deserved earlier in the day. Seriously, why didn't he kick my ass? I probably would have kicked my own ass if provoked. Instead, he grabbed me and pulled me into a hard kiss. Unfortunately, it ended as quickly as it started and no doubt, I knew that the kiss was meant to remind me of what I was missing by going home rather than staying with him.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" I asked, struggling to remember their schedule for the next week. I always got the busy days confused and could never remember if he was coming or going.

"Yeah, I take you to dinner tomorrow night." He leaned down and picked up my purse and handed it back to me. I hadn't even realized that I had dropped it.

"Was that you asking or commanding?" I couldn't resist ribbing him again even though it was kind of sexy when he was bossy like this.

"Asking" he confirmed still looking too confident for someone who was merely asking. "You pick where we go" he offered. With an offer like that, how could I refuse?

After another satisfying goodbye, I slipped out into the night heading for my parked car. I couldn't remember the last time that I had smiled this much and gleefully sang along to whatever song came on the radio: good or bad.

It never once crossed my mind how seamlessly we seemed to have slipped into a labeled relationship without an argument or a discussion. It had just sort of happened.


  1. Oh Tillie, I like fluff. I like fluff a lot. That was so cute, that he cooked for Ava! It sounds yummy, and now I want to try some Kasha. Although, I think it would taste better if Geno cooked it, just sayin'. I love how they can just chill on the couch and compromise on what to watch. And I totally cheesed when he said she was like a blanket. And when he got all excited because she wasn't wearing a bra. They're so damn cute together, and it makes my heart melt. Plus, letting her pick the restaurant. Gah, my brain is all mush from that sweetness, and I loved every word.

  2. So good, as always!!! I also love that he made her food, even if it was breakfast.. so cute!