Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chapter 12- A Soft Landing

Thanks for sticking with me guys, I'm trying to update more frequently but I have writer's block for my Sid story so badly right now. I know what I want to say but every time I go to sit down, I can't make anything happen. So I'm going to update this story instead and hopefully feel inspired again.

This chapter's a little short but I needed to transition a little bit for what's coming up next. Short's better than nothing though, right? :)

Staring at my now yellow wall, I decided that maybe it wasn't half bad. It was certainly yellow enough and after initial apprehension, I was getting used to it.

Originally after Geno and I had slapped up all of the yellow on the walls, I felt like running back to Lowe's and breaking in just so that I could paint the walls white again but now that I had looked at it for awhile, it didn't seem so bad.

"I like it" I told him for the 10th time as we sat resting on the couch. His arm rhythmically stroked mine absently as we huddled on the couch in quiet exhaustion.

"You didn't like wall 5 minutes ago" he said eyeing me in apprehension. It was true, 5 minutes ago we were fighting because I yelled at him for rushing me into a decision.

"Well, I changed my mind again" I told him trying not to feel defensive about it. They were my walls and it was my apartment. It was my perogative to change my mind several times if the end result was my satisfaction.

"Are you done then?" he asked stretching his long legs out in front of him and yawning. It was extremely late, almost 3am, and yet he had stayed- even helping me to clean up and make sure all the lids were back on the paint cans nice and tight.

"I think so. I'll paint the bedroom myself later. I think we should stop for the night since it's so late."

"Mmm. Yeah. Late" he mumbled, eyes closed as he settled back against the cushions of my couch. With his eyes closed, I was able to watch him without him turning to me with his usual smirk or amused grin. Flecks of paint spotted his dark hair and there was a smudge on his cheek that I was dying to rub off. Now that I knew what his hair felt like, my hands were itching to brush the strands away from his forehead and back into place.

After everything that had transpired tonight, I didn't know what was happening to us, much less myself. Was I starting to develop real, important feelings for the big russian occupying 3/4ths of my sofa right now? I couldn't say yes for sure but it was getting harder and harder for me to outright say no.

I settled back in silence against his arm and began to drift off into sleep when I remembered again how late it was again.  Unless we both wanted sore necks in the morning, we needed to lay down in an actual horizontal position.
"Geno?" I couldn't will myself to open my eyes but I knew that he should go.

"Hmm?" he mumbled, tightening his arm around my shoulders and causing me to slide closer to his warmth.

"We should go to bed" I told him deciding that I was going to open my eyes on the count of 3.

One. "Okay, we sleep here" he mumbled.

Two. "We can't. Our necks will hurt in the morning." I was failing at the whole opening my eyes thing. He was just so warm that it made it hard to care about how my body would feel in the morning. Right now it all felt so nice.

Three. "Okay, I will go" he said stifling a yawn with his hand and untangling himself from around my body.

Blearily opening my eyes, I realized that there was no way that he was going to be able to drive home tonight. He could barely keep his eyes focused on me and we sat dumbly eyeing each other as I internally struggled over what to do. Should I ask him to stay?

"Do you want to stay?" I knew that I didn't want him to go if he couldn't drive safely. Partly I wanted him to stay for selfish reasons also.

"You let me stay? Here?" Obviously he was just as confused by my offer as I was. Why was I suddenly willing to let someone in and let them stay the night? Even under practically platonic conditions? We weren't even having sex and yet I was worried about his well-being. By letting him stay, I knew that I was opening myself up to a new host of vulnerabilities. Did this mean that I was welcoming and accepting the fact that we were on our way to having a real, intimate relationship? After I had just let go of another one?

"Yes" I replied watching the sleepy grin bloom on his face. Even when he was tired he managed to mock me with that gaze of his. "But I'll get you a blanket and a pillow- for the couch."

He looked considerably less pleased with this option but grateful nonetheless. Turning I reminded him of where the bathroom was so that he could get ready to sleep while I went to change into my pajamas and dig up extra linens for him.

When I returned, he was already stripped down to his boxers and undershirt waiting patiently for me and looking half-asleep on his feet. I felt my blood begin to hum again as I took in the sight of him without all of the layers of restrictive clothing in the way. I had never been one for guys as lanky as he was but he somehow managed to pull it off with his lithe muscles and height.

"Here's a pillow and a blanket" I told him suddenly feeling self-conscious in my pajamas under his gaze. The matching cami and shorts were modest but under his gaze I felt exposed like he could see more to me than just fabric and skin.

"Thanks" he nodded. At a loss to what to do, I stepped past him and set the pillow and blanket down on the couch, intending to head off to my bed and sleep off the sudden, intense desire that I was feeling for him. I turned intending to give him a quick goodnight but was startled when I realized that he had moved right behind me, effectively blocking any hope for escape.

"Geno-" my warning was cut off as he hooked an arm around my waist and pulled me close enough for his lips to transcend and nibble on the skin of my neck. I wanted to tell him no but what could I do when my body was responding on its own and obviously telling him yes?

As we stood pressed, chest to chest, I could feel my body straining for his and becoming more aroused with every flick of his tongue against my skin. When his mouth finally claimed mine, it was all I could do not to sigh in satisfaction against his lips. Lord knows he didn't need even more motivation to continue kissing me.

"We should stop" I said pulling my face back and taking a quick gulp of air. It wasn't that I really wanted to stop kissing him but if and when we finally took the next step, I wanted to be awake for what I predicted would be a memorable time.

He groaned in annoyance but took a step back giving me a kiss on the cheek as a chaste goodnight. I double-checked the lock on the door as per my nightly ritual and then quickly walked past him and into the safe confines of my bedroom.

Luckily I was too tired to stay up for long and quickly fell asleep trying not to think or dream about the man over in the next room.


  1. I loved this chapter. It's almost like the wall color is a reflection of their relationship. She can't make up her mind if she likes it or not.

  2. It might have been short but it was perfect, I'm so happy to see an update this morning, great start to my work day, i kind of like how she's undecided, he has to work twice as hard to convince her....love it as always

  3. they are so cute(: I loved it!!

  4. loveddd it! i love how when she turned around geno was standing right there :)
    cant wait for the next update!

  5. Short is definitely better than nothing!!

    I agree with wispensfan. Her ability to decide on a paint color is just like her ability to decide whether or not she likes Geno. He's growing on her, but only now that she can't avoid him. Lol.

    Soo cute, the way she let him stay but is making him sleep on the couch. Not gonna lie, though; I already can't wait for them to do the dirty dirty! I have a feeling, it's going to be intense. I totally want a Geno now. Great update, can't wait for another!