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Chapter 14- Explanations

Now that I've gotten over last night, accepted that we still have playoff ass to kick in the Mellon, I'm moving on.

Hope you guys like this chapter! It's kind of saucy :)

Chapter song: "Go On" by Alicia Keys

Embarrassment and depression. Those were still the two emotions that I was currently wallowing in as I laid in bed refusing to answer the phone that had been ringing from where I had tossed it onto the counter after coming home 2 hours ago.

It had rung a total of 26 times and even though I was starting to hear bells in my head from it ringing so often, I remained frozen beneath my covers and frozen on that moment looking into eyes when he hadn't said anything.

I asked him to, sadly I was even willing to listen to him. Just as long as he said something and gave me some type of explanation. But he hadn't said a damn thing and that's what I couldn't get over. I wasn't a delicate, weepy female who needed to be coddled or taken care of by a man. Especially since moving to Pittsburgh I was beginning to understand my own strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately it was my weakness for finding cheating assholes that tended to make me forget any of these strengths.

I couldn't even cry. Part of me wanted to be that weeping female and maybe, just maybe releasing those emotions would make me feel better. Instead I laid in the darkness listening to that stupid ringing noise and wondering when he was going to give up and leave me the hell alone.

Eventually I fell asleep waking up only the next afternoon once I realized that I had been laying in the same spot in my bed for over 16 hours. I went through the motions of putting on a bathrobe and eating half of a sandwich when the pounding started on my door. I still wasn't in the mood to see anyone much less a certain cheating bastard who had been stringing me along for months with his goofy charm and inability to take 'no' for an answer.

"I'm not coming to the door you asshole!" I shouted wishing he would take the hint. I was obviously still alive because I was yelling at him so he could just fuck off for all I cared.

"It's not Geno, it's Vero!" a female voice called from the other side of the wall. Tightening the belt on my robe, I walked to the door and checked the peephole to make sure that it really was her. She looked pissed through the small circular window and even more angry when I unlocked the door and finally opened it.

"What the hell's going on?" she demanded marching into the apartment as soon as she could wedge her way through the door.

"What do you mean?"

"What happened with you and Geno? He's been calling me all morning but won't tell me what happened!"

"Maybe because he knows that you'll be pissed off at him once you find out" I grumbled feeling even more frustrated that he at least didn't have the balls to admit that he was wrong to our friend.

"What happened?" she asked again in exasperation. "Something happened between you two- you look like shit."

"Gee, thanks Vero" I replied rubbing a hand over my face. My makeup from the previous night was still gooped onto my face and my eyes stung from where flakes of mascara had gotten stuck to my contacts.

"No seriously, you look really pale hun. Did you sleep at all last night?"

I nodded yes but didn't feel rested. I walked back over to my couch knowing that she would follow and plopped down trying to decide how to begin recounting last night. Before I could begin, I had to know one thing from Vero. It had been eating at me and I couldn't explain everything to her without understanding what she knew first.

"Do you know who Oksana is?"

Her face fell and she opened her mouth to speak before closing it quickly again. My heart sank a little and I wondered if she had been lying to me too.

"Do you know who Oksana is?" she asked

"After last night I do" I replied curious as to why she hadn't explained anything yet. Obviously Oksana had been around before so why wasn't she reacting differently except to ask me a question? "She's the girlfriend that he never told me about."

Vero's face darkened in confusion and anger, mirroring mine. "What? They're not dating anymore!"

"Well that's not what she said last night after she stalked me and showed up at his place to scare the shit out of me half naked in the kitchen and proceed to call me a slut and a number of other names."

"Whoa, whoa, wait. What is this about stalking and being naked?"

"Half naked" I corrected feeling like that detail was important. Sure, I had been about to sleep with him but thankfully hadn't gone through with it. At least I could thank Oksana for that.

"Whatever, start over, give me the long version and tell me everything that happened." She dragged me back over to my couch and I spent the next 45 minutes explaining everything that had led up to last night.

"I understand why you're so upset but something's not right" she said pausing. "He's so much happier around you and anyone can see that he's completely infatuated."

"Yeah, but with who?" I questioned still not feeling sympathetic towards him. "He could really be in love with her and I'm the slut on the side."

"You're not a slut" Vero said vehemently. "He likes you. There has to be an explanation to all of this."

"Thanks, V" I smiled a little bit. It felt good to have someone defending me in the situation especially since I still felt like I was the one who did something wrong. It didn't make any sense but if Geno and Oksana really were together still then I was to a degree in the wrong. I was the other woman and having been cheated on before, I never wanted to do that to someone else- even if it was Oksana. She was still a woman and no woman should ever be in that situation of knowing that there is someone else on the side being fucked by your man. Or in my case, almost fucked. Wasn't that just an umbrella statement now? I hadn't gotten fucked physically but I sure as hell was feeling fucked emotionally and I'm sure that she felt that way too.

"What's she like anyway? I mean, do you know their history?" I had to admit that I was extremely curious why someone as seemingly easy going and shy as Geno was even interested in her.

"Well, what you saw of her last night is pretty much how she is all of the time. She's sickeningly sweet and innocent when she's around him then goes apeshit over other women even being around him. She and Geno met in Mother Russia when she was already married to someone else and she latched on to him pretty quick."

"So you said that they are broken up?"

"They broke up about 7 months ago as far as I knew because she kept bugging him about getting married. The signature on her own divorce papers were barely dry and Geno wanted to wait."

"So he did want to marry her then?" The idea made my heart slam painfully against my ribcage.

"No, at least that's what he told Marc" she said holding one hand up in the air like she was making a girl scout promise. "So after Geno said no, they got into a huge fight and she went back to Russia. Then you showed up and Geno's been distracted ever since."

"That still doesn't answer my question though!" I exclaimed leaning farther back into my couch cushions. I wanted them to open up and envelop me so that I could just forget about everything for awhile. "Did they officially break up or not? Because if they didn't, then I was still the woman on the side." Or worse, I was the woman he was using until he decided that he was finally ready to get married to someone else.

"That I don't know" Vero confessed. "But still, she hasn't been around for months and believe me, if you would see the way that he looks at you all of the time, you wouldn't be doubting him either."

Though Vero was making me feel a little bit better, I still had my doubts. I knew that I had to talk to him but I wasn't anywhere near ready for a face to face conversation with him yet.

"Are you sure you don't want to come out with us for a little bit? It's just lunch" Vero offered trying to get me to go out to lunch with her and Marc. I still felt like crap and didn't want to ruin their alone time together with my sour mood.

"No thanks, V" I said forcing myself to smile for her. "I'll be fine here, I'm just going to do some cleaning and run some errands. Don't worry, I will leave my apartment today." Lies, lies, lies. As soon as she left, I was crawling back into my bed to watch movies for the rest of the day.

"Okay, just call me if you need anything" she said stopping the door before I closed it fully.

"I will, scouts honor" I pledged grinning as she rolled her eyes at my smartass attitude.

I locked the doors again and tidied up the kitchen and living room. I made a point of turning off my cell phone and plugging it into its charger so that I wouldn't have to worry about it for the rest of the day. With my apartment looking clean again, I returned back into my bedroom and took a quick shower, letting the hot water scald my skin and hopefully rinse all of the guilt and sadness out of my pores. The hot water was making me feel tired again as my muscles loosened up like jello.

Naked and exhausted, I crawled back into my bed and tucked the thick covers in around my body before falling into a dreamless sleep. I awoke again hours later with a headache and the feeling of cotton mouth brought on by my self-inflicted dehydration.

"Finally, you're awake."

I screamed probably louder than I ever had before at the sound of someone's voice and opened my eyes fully to see Geno sitting at the very end of my bed watching me with a veiled expression in his eyes. My heart was still pounding as I tried to piece together what time it was and how he had gotten inside the apartment that I had locked up again hours before.

"How the hell did you get in here?!" If he was able to get in easily then who knew what actual rapists and burglars could do.

"I took key from door." He answered making no move to sit closer or leave.

"What? Where is there a key in the door?"

"Not in the door, above door. You leave extra key there."

I groaned remembering that I had left a spare hidden above my door when I first moved in and never hid it anywhere more secretive. All of this time any old schmo could have gotten into my apartment and murdered me. Awesome. So much for being responsible all on my own.

"Well get out and leave the key where I had it." I snarked almost sitting up before remembering that I was still naked.

"No, you don't answer phone for hours. I had to check, make sure you okay."

I would not read into the concern filling his eyes and shining on me like the highbeams of a car. "Well, I'm obviously alive. I just didn't want to answer you calls. Now leave" I said feeling myself lose any semblance of patience that I had originally been clinging to.

"No, now seriously get out. Get out before I call the police or something" I warned him wishing that he would just leave me alone aleady. How could I piece together what I wanted and believed if everyone was going to badger me into listening to bullshit excuses and explanations? I needed time alone to think and figure out what I wanted to do.  Was having a weekend to myself too much to ask for?

Instead of leaving like I wanted him to, Geno rolled his eyes and stood up ripping the covers away from my body as he went. "Now we do this the hard way" he commented letting his eyes trace over my body as I laid frozen in shock from the audacity of his actions.

Cocky son of a bitch. Before I could cover up, he lifted me out of my bed and dragged me to my feet, ignoring the right hook that I almost caught him with. I almost nailed him again and saw the look of anger settle on his already stony features. He was obviously losing his patience with me but so was I! He had not only come into my home without my permission but now was manhandling me into talking to him when I was naked. I probably would have enjoyed this in any other circumstance but was currently too enraged by his actions to do anything but lash out at him like a she-cat.

He stilled by movements with one hard look as he dragged my naked body into alignment with his clothed one. Even through his clothes I could feel the insistency of his erection against my body. "Put on clothes" he ordered before leaving me alone in my room again still steaming with anger.

I didn't mean for this to be a cliff-hanger but another chapter will be arriving shortly. :)


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