Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone cue the Sarah McLachlan music...

Ugh, so I'm not going to lie to you all, my lovely, wonderful and anonymous readers. I cried hard core tonight while listening to the last Pens game in the Old Mellon. My life is crazy with committments and becoming a "grown up." With all of these changes, Mellon Arena was my constant. Pittsburgh is my constant in general but Mellon Arena has always been super special to me. Huge chunks of my childhood were spent in the Mellon Arena at hockey games and the occasional Disney on Ice! show and now I feel like a small piece of me is dying. I know that's ridiculous and I could be acting overly dramatic because my hormones have been everywhere anyway, but I can't seem to stop sniffling every time someone announces that this is the last game.

 It's the place where I would sit for hours with my Dad, season after season watching and learning the intricacies of the game and feeling the cold chill from the ice. I watched Kovalev moonwalk. I watched Mario score his comeback goal in 2000. It's where I had my first beer and learned that it was socially acceptable to squish peanut shells beneath my shoes because everyone else did it too. It's where I got hit in the forehead with a hockey puck during warmups one time and didn't even care because it was just so cool that I got that close to the game and looked like a 12 year old badass (I can't skate worth shit eliminating any hockey ideas I had). I adore that place and I adore all of the memories I have of it. I really hope that the Consol Energy Center has the same crappy cheese on their nachos that the Mellon always had.  It's literally killing me that I'm stuck in Philadelphia because of school right now and my Dad's at the last game without me. Okay, I'm off to continue sniffling and being nostalgic with the covers pulled up to my chin (not easy while typing).

Is anyone as affected by this as I am? I really hope so because I feel crazy right now. My friends literally just don't get it and today one of my friends even dared to say, "I don't understand it. Isn't that place really old anyway?" Old, but awesome bitches.

On the bright side: new chapters will be up this weekend! I started to write tonight but that was shot due to my current state of general Mellon-induced depression and I don't want to post a crappy, jumbled chapter for this story or my other story. So bear with me and go Pens! I think it's obvious that they've got this game in the bag anyway.


  1. Tillie i'm right there with you, i grew up there to so i'm feeling your pain. I was crying at work today and the bosses just shook their heads and laughed at me...

  2. It's ok. I feel like a moron because I haven't loved hockey half as long as you guys yet I still get a little teary eyed thinking about it.
    I can relate though. Just with a different sport. All I can think of when you said you and you dad was me and my dad with soccer. Kinda hit me hard there, and I can't imagine having to say good-bye that's meant so much to you.
    CEC will be amazing, no doubt, but not the same.

  3. Finnaly someone else that got hit with a puck and didn't care. I got my jersey autograped and the puck Max hit me with for keeps! best day of my life!

    BTW, I got a cut on my chin and a seriously messsed up shoulder. It hit my chin and bounced of the guy in front of me's head and hit me in hte shoulder, the guy had one to many beers and didn't even notice!